Cyber security: Understand Threats and Prevent Attacks

Learn how to identify threats and prevent attacks to protect data in this free online cyber security training course.
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Efforts to prevent and manage cyber risks have become a major focus of organisations and governments across the world due to the rising number of daily cyber attacks. Organisations of all sizes must ensure their cyber security and protect their information systems and valuable intellectual property from attack. Implementing effective organisational security measures not only offers liability protection but also increases the organisation’s efficiency and productivity.

Cyber security awareness is not only important to organisations and governments but also matters to individuals as it protects their personal and professional data as most people store vast amounts of sensitive data on their mobile phones and personal computers, including passwords, pictures of loved ones, credit card numbers and other financial data. Almost all of these devices are connected to the internet, meaning cybercriminals can potentially access this personal data and cause a range of problems.

Such dangers explain why cyber security is a vital part of a well-ordered and secure digital environment. This cyber security training course lays out the basics of the field and explains how to classify threats and employ solutions and security measures to prevent each. This short and informative course is developed by Crafty E-Learning to help you to acquire specialist knowledge easily and our animated case study videos help you practise your newfound skills in real-life situations. Sign up to learn how to secure digital information and acquire a valuable new professional skill.


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  1. Frank B.

    January 7, 2024

    I have learned funtamentals. Easy to consume all this data thanks to videos.

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